Schumer shifts additional millions to Menendez re-election, as New Jersey Senate race tightens

Menendez should be in jail. Instead, the Democratic leadership is spending millions to bail out a long-time incumbent. Because both parties don’t care who is running for office as long as they win:

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer spent another couple of million dollars on incumbent New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez’s re-election campaign this week as his lead over Republican Bob Hugin has narrowed in recent polls and moved from “lean Democratic” to a “toss-up.”

The Senate Democrats’ super PAC has spent more than $5 million in New Jersey. This week, Schumer announced it would move another $2.8 million to Menendez, on top of the $3 million shifted to New Jersey last week, in an effort to secure Menendez’s seat for another term.

Hugin’s campaign has outspent Menendez 3-1, with the majority of the funds going toward brutal TV ads. But Hugin said Schumer’s “last-minute” spending was out of desperation.


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