Matt Whitaker Stonewalled Probe Into His Crooked Firm

Thing about that for a second. The individual in charge of enforcing the laws of this country is a conman:

Matt Whitaker was hired as acting attorney general in order to obstruct justice for Donald Trump in the Russia investigation. Alas, it seems Whitaker has also been obstructing justice for himself.

Before he came to the Department of Justice, Whitaker worked as the legal muscle for World Patent Marketing, a firm that scammed customers who think they have promising inventions, by taking their money, promising elaborate marketing services, and giving them nothing. Whitaker has said through a spokesperson he was “not aware of any fraudulent activity,” but new documents from the Federal Trade commission reveal Whitaker “began fielding angry complaints from customers that they were being defrauded, including from a client who showed up at his Iowa office to appeal to him personally for help.” Throughout this period, Whitaker remained enthusiastic about the firm and expressed a willingness to endorse it publicly.


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