It’s Insane to Have a Presidential Campaign Begin 673 Days before the Election

It began with Elizabeth Warren New Year’s Eve 2018 announcement that she would seek the nomination for president in 2020. That is 673 days before election day. Does that make sense?

A presidential term last 4 years. Therefore candidates are running for the White House for almost 2 years. That’s insane. And it gets worse every election cycle. This means elected officials are spending all this time running for office usually outside of the state where they elected in. And the insanity is not limited to the time it times to run for the president. It has become normal for a candidate to raise $1 billion for their campaign. Equally insane.

So should it be any wonder that we have the failed government that we do? We should demand a law that would prevent a presidential candidate to raise campaign money 6 months before the election. That would limit the campaign to that period of time.

And while we are at it, let’s have public funding of campaigns. And in that way we take the corrupting influence of money out of elections.


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