Trump, Kim Jong Un Summit Ends is Failure. Press gets Duped Again.

Once again negotiations between Trump and Kim Jong Un ends without any agreement. But that’s not what it was about for the liar-in-chief. Trump was in Vietnam so that his photo-op with Un almost drowned out the Cohen hearings. Because it is all about media manipulation. And the press fell for it as they have every other time.

Trump knew that his bogus peace talks with the North Korean dictator would get plenty of press coverage. And that serves to divert attention from the president’s many legal problems. He’s done it with his bogus “emergency” at the border, the fake ‘caravan’ claims, and his mistreatment of immigrants.

When will the press ever learn. Trump has created a bogus reputation based on his ability to manipulate the media. We must demand that they stop giving the liar-in-chief exactly what he wants–mass media coverage without reference to his corruption and ties to Russia.

We knew the summit was never meant to succeed. It was just a good diversionary tactic:

President Donald Trump’s nuclear negotiations with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Vietnam have been abruptly cut short, and ended without a deal.

The White House announced Thursday that Trump’s planned press conference was being moved up by two hours – to 2 p.m. local time. Originally, that was when Trump and Kim were joining to sign a joint agreement, but according to the White House Press Secretary, “No agreement was reached at this time.”

At apress conference in Hanoi, Trump said talks broke down because Kim said he would only close the Yongbyon nuclear facility – North Korea’s most important research and production site – if the U.S. lifted all sanctions on North Korea.


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