We Need a Watergate-type Congressional Hearing to Bring Down Trump

The Watergate Congressional hearings brought down Richard Nixon. And if we want to force Donald Trump from office similar hearings today are the best way to do it. We cannot wait until the 2020 elections in where Trump could win again. And if he wins in the next election it will be with the help of Putin. That is why the focus of these proposed hearings should be Russian interference in our elections.

The Republicans, who agree that the Russians interfered in the 2016 presidential election, will be forced to support these hearings because to not do so would put them in the uncomfortable position of obstructing an investigation into Russian meddling. Of course from these investigations we will learn that Russian money was laundered into the Republican Party. But the Democrats can argue it will be bipartisan (wink, wink).

Currently there is a pointless debate going on as to whether Democrats should support impeaching Donald Trump. An impeachment would not force the president from office since it would require 2/3rds of Senators to vote for conviction. That ain’t gonna happen. At least not now. Not until we learn that Donald Trump did in fact conspire with the Russians to win the 2016 election. It will also reveal that Trump has close financial ties to the Kremlin. We will also learn that Putin has blackmailed the president. And just like in 1974, we will get that tape(s).

Remember, it was the Watergate hearings that exposed the existence of those oval office tapes. And Nixon’s stonewalling on releasing the tapes is what led to his eventual downfall.

So call your Congressperson and tell them to stop squabbling. Demand they do the logical, legal and right thing: Have hearings that will expose the truth before the American people. And they will demand he be removed. Just like with Nixon.


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