Pete Buttigieg has Become the Candidate of the Corporate Democrats

As Joe Biden collapses in the polls there seems to be a movement towards Pete Buttigieg. The young Mayor from Indiana is now out fundraising the well known former Vice President. And we know that money is mother’s milk of politics. But in addition, Buttigieg is now in position to place high in the Iowa primary in February. History tells us that front runners rarely win.

To make sure Buttigieg has started to become more aggressive. In particular, he’s been attacking the progressive candidates Warren and Sanders and their plans. Just what Wall St. is looking for:

But as the campaign season has unfolded, charming Pete has all but disappeared, replaced by a more combative, defiant Pete, whose new modus operandi is scoring points by attacking the Democratic Party’s progressive front-runners (and long shots) from the right, on everything from gun control to campaign finance to health care. His new demeanor was on display repeatedly during Tuesday’s debate, as he went toe to toe with Beto O’Rourke over gun control, and denigrated the Sanders and Warren vision for Medicare for All.


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