Trump is pushing a dangerous, false spin on coronavirus — and the media is helping him spread it

The corporate press has not done it’s job from the very beginning. They should be exposing this conman and thug, not repeating his propaganda. They should be driving a hard bargain by demanding Trump and his brownshirts answer questions and not spew talking points. If they don’t take away the cameras. But they don’t do that because they are afraid of losing access. And that means profits for the media. So they won’t do it. Afterall, the mainstream press is owned by large corporations. And they don’t mind Trump’s lies as long as they make money:

Trump and his chosen spokespeople are attempting to dramatically play down the seriousness of the coronavirus and to blame the legitimate news media for doing their jobs of informing the public.

In reporting what Trump has to say, the news media has a huge responsibility not to repeat and amplify his misleading spin — a spin that may serve his political interests but is not in the public interest.

It’s not always easy, though, for mainstream journalists to put his claims in the proper context.

After all, it had always been normal to let a president have his say — to let his statements top the news while letting the fact-checks follow.

That has changed somewhat during the lie-ridden Trump administration but not nearly enough. The reflexive media urge, deep in our DNA, is still to quote the president without offering an immediate challenge.

Wall St. Journal

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