Keystone Pipeline Spills Close To 400,000 Gallons Of Oil On North Dakota

This is what opponents of KP have been warning about for years. But the silence from the politicians and the media is deafening:

The Keystone Pipeline (not to be confused with the pending Keystone XL Pipeline) has spilled close to 400,000 gallons of oil on North Dakota soil this week. The company that runs the pipeline, Transcanada, has yet to determine the cause of the spill, but this shows how dangerous these pipelines can be. This isn’t the first Keystone spill, and it certainly won’t be the last.


Hurricane Michael: US National Guard chief says “The climate is changing. I don’t know why.”

It’s called global warming, idiot:

The head of the US National Guard, one of the top military officers in charge of responding to hurricanes and other disasters affecting the United States, claims he does not know why the climate is changing. What’s more, he has yet to discuss the threat climate change poses to Americans with President Donald Trump.

The storms “seem to be happening quite frequently — I’m not sure why,” Lengyel said. “I believe the climate is changing. I don’t know why,” he continued. “There’s a lot of storms coming our way. Whatever the reason, we have to be ready to deal with them.”

The world is warming faster than we believed. All of us need to find the will to act — now

The evidence is undeniable. Just as we await a hurricane 4 about to hit Florida:

The world is in a dangerously self-destructive place. The new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change spells out in great detail the dire environmental changes that are already underway as a result of global warming — changes that will undoubtedly intensify within the lifetimes of most people alive in the world today unless humankind takes extraordinary steps to curtail carbon emissions. Yet the report also shows why it is increasingly unlikely that those steps will be taken: lack of political will.