Democrats Delayed Senate Impeachment Trial to Hurt Bernie Sanders and help Biden

Nancy Pelosi refused to formally submit impeachment documents to the Senate as a way of delaying the vote. Because in that way Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, the two progressives running for the presidency, would be forced to be Washington rather than in Iowa to campaign.

The Iowa caucus is on February 3rd. That’s about 2 weeks away. That means Sanders and Warren will be forced to be in Washington to vote in the Senate Impeachment trial. They will spend a significant amount of time not campaigning in Iowa. The darling of the Democratic establishment, Joe Biden, does not have that problem. He is no longer a U.S. Senator.

It will be the second time that the Democratic Party establishment used dirty tricks to prevent Bernie Sanders from winning the nomination:

It’s the fourth quarter. The game is close. And you are benched.

That could sum up the frustrations of four senators — two of them front-runners for the Democratic presidential nomination — who will be duty bound to leave the campaign trail next week to sit in judgment of President Trump.

The Senate impeachment trial is expected to begin as early as Jan. 24, less than two weeks before the all-important Iowa caucuses.

With members of the Senate serving as official jurors who will determine Mr. Trump’s guilt or innocence, three participants in Tuesday’s debate, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, must head back to Washington in the midst of the campaign.

That will leave little time for stumping in Iowa.

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Democrats take in Lobbying Industry cash Despite Pledges

Democrats are not serious about reducing or eliminating the corrosive impact of special interest money in government. This explains why America’s welfare is being ignored. Only money-interests are being heard:

The lobbying industry has donated $545,173 to 2020 presidential campaigns with nearly 80 percent going to Democratic candidates, even as many of those hopefuls vow not to take donations from lobbyists.

DNC: Democratic National Committee votes down a Ban on Corporate PAC donations

More proof that the leadership of the Democratic Party have not learned their lesson. They have no intention of ridding itself from control by big business. That is why Bernie Sanders, and others, are fools in believing that the progressives can take over the party:

An internal fight is roiling the Democratic National Committee over whether to forgo corporate PAC money and make a big statement against money in politics as the 2020 presidential election starts to shift into high gear.

A small group of committee members thinks the DNC needs to show it’s serious about banning corporate PAC donations, taking the same step as many presidential candidates who have pledged to forgo corporate PAC money. Others in the DNC want every tool possible to defeat President Trump.

The DNC said it would only take money from corporations in line with the organization’s values in 2016. But its Resolutions Committee that met in Washington, DC, this week stopped short of banning for-profit corporate PAC donations altogether. The committee instead chose to study the issue over the next 18 months.

Some complained that amounts to doing nothing.

Amazon Is Creating Cities for the Rich and Democrats Are Bending the Knee

This is really about politicians kissing the ring of the wealthiest man in America. They want access to that cash. Money is the mother’s milk in politics. And Democrats, like Republicans, need their constant fix of corporate money:

On Tuesday, news officially broke that Amazon would open not one but two new headquarters in Queens, New York, and Arlington, Virginia. The New York announcement in particular enraged progressives. The tech leviathan has emerged in recent years as an extremely powerful modern monopoly while jacking up rentsfomenting inequalitydestroying smaller businesses, and demanding tax breaks. Yet prominent New York Democrats courted the corporation and promised it massive incentives to come to their city.

Claire McCaskill Defines ‘Crazy Democrats’ for Fox News

This is another case of vote-blue-no-matter-who. McCaskill wants to act like a Republican to save her skin. This Senator has been bad-mouthing progressives for some time. She is another reason why we need a third party:

One week before the midterm elections, Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill has tried to distance herself from the most liberal elements of her party, including high-profile progressive Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

McCaskill refrained from grouping Sanders or Warren in with the “crazy Democrats” her campaign distanced her from in a radio ad last week. But, in an interview with Fox News on Monday, she invoked their names when asked if any of her colleagues were “crazy Democrats.”

“I would not call my colleagues crazy, but Elizabeth Warren sure went after me when I advocated tooling back some of the regulations for small banks and credit unions,” McCaskill said.

Chuck Schumer and the Senate Democrats Got Played Yet Again

Democrats apparently don’t want to fight the GOP on anything. They are only interested in the next election. No principles, just horse trading:

Last week, Chuck Schumer didn’t listen to Splinter, and agreed on a “deal” to allow the confirmation of 15 federal judges nominated by President Donald Trump in exchange for allowing Senate Democrats fighting for their re-election to go home and campaign, instead of just letting them miss the votes while safe Democrats stayed in Washington. And, what do you know: the Republicans fucked the Democrats—and more importantly, America—yet again.