Schumer shifts additional millions to Menendez re-election, as New Jersey Senate race tightens

Menendez should be in jail. Instead, the Democratic leadership is spending millions to bail out a long-time incumbent. Because both parties don’t care who is running for office as long as they win:

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer spent another couple of million dollars on incumbent New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez’s re-election campaign this week as his lead over Republican Bob Hugin has narrowed in recent polls and moved from “lean Democratic” to a “toss-up.”

The Senate Democrats’ super PAC has spent more than $5 million in New Jersey. This week, Schumer announced it would move another $2.8 million to Menendez, on top of the $3 million shifted to New Jersey last week, in an effort to secure Menendez’s seat for another term.

Hugin’s campaign has outspent Menendez 3-1, with the majority of the funds going toward brutal TV ads. But Hugin said Schumer’s “last-minute” spending was out of desperation.

What to Do If You’re Turned Away at the Polls

Several states have instituted stricter voter ID laws since the 2016 presidential election; more, still, are purging voter rolls in the lead up to the election, and the recent Supreme Court decision to uphold Ohio’s aggressive purging law means you can expect many more people to be removed. So, even if you’re registered to vote (and you should really double check) you might find yourself turned away at the polls come November 6.

While those tactics have been shown to depress voter turnout, particularly among low income, minority and young voters, you do still have recourse if you’re turned away on election day—not having an accepted form of ID is no reason not to head to the polls. Here’s what to know.

Source: What to Do If You’re Turned Away at the Polls