Rep. Andy Biggs declares $22 Trillion national debt a security threat

The makes the United States government a threat to our national security. Because they are doing nothing to stop the bleeding. It is a betrayal:

Congressional Republicans introduced a resolution on Tuesday declaring the United States’ $22 trillion debt as a national security threat.

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) proposed a bill last year to address the issue, but failed to gain enough traction to substantially address the growing issue.

If you don’t believe a Congressperson take the word of the head of the Federal Reserve:

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell has repeatedly called out the ballooning U.S. national debt. He did so again while testifying to Congress on Tuesday.

“The U.S. federal government is on an unsustainable fiscal path,” Powell told the Senate Banking Committee, noting that “debt as a percentage of GDP is growing, and now growing sharply… And that is unsustainable by definition.


Veterans are sleeping in their cars to access medical care – and it’s only getting worse

I thought Trump was supposed to take care of our veterans:

In major cities across the country, hotels can cost upwards of $300 per night. This is what some veterans are having to pay to receive life-saving treatment at VA hospitals. With over 20 million veterans currently living in the U.S., the issue is only getting worse.

Veterans who live far from the facilities that best treat their conditions have to pay out-of-pocket for hotels the night before they are admitted, or during long-term outpatient treatment, like chemotherapy.