Trish Regan’s Fox Show Put ‘On Hiatus,’ Days After Off-The-Rails Coronavirus Rant

She should have been fired for spreading dangerous disinformation. But there are others on FOX doing the same:

Trish Regan’s prime-time show on Fox Business has been taken off the air “until further notice,” the network announced Friday, just days after the anchor engaged in an off-the-rails rant about the coronavirus pandemic.

Lisa Kennedy Montgomery’s “Kennedy” show will also go “on hiatus” as the network announced it will now deploy “all resources from both shows for staffing needs during critical market hours,” multiple outlets reported.

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Fox News Allegedly Blacklisted A Conservative For Refusing To Fawn Over Trump

It can be argued that FOXNews runs the Republican Party, thus America:

A former Fox News correspondent is claiming the network strictly forbade conservatives from criticizing Trump. Author and frequent guest on the now-defunct O’Reilly Factor program, Bernie Goldberg, explained how Fox News executives would not allow conservatives to criticize Trump and other right-wing figures, such as Sarah Palin.