GOP demanded $500K donation from Trump Bahamas ambassador during his Senate confirmation hearings

Isn’t there a crime in here somewhere?

Newly uncovered emails reveal that the Republican National Committee demanded that President Donald Trump’s nominee for the U.S. ambassador to the Bahamas donate $500,000 ahead of his Senate confirmation hearings.

CBS News reports that RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel asked billionaire Doug Manchester for more cash at a time when his confirmation as Bahamas ambassador had seemingly stalled.

GOP Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith is Running an Openly White Supremacist Campaign

This is what the GOP has become under Donald Trump. They flirt with racist talking points. And in some cases, like Hyde-Smith, they don’t hide their racist views:

Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.) appeared to endorse voter suppression during a campaign stop this month, saying efforts to undermine voting among liberals at certain colleges would be a “great idea.”

“And then they remind me that there’s a lot of liberal folks in those other schools who maybe we don’t want to vote,” Hyde-Smith can be heard telling a small crowd of young people outside her campaign bus in a video taken Nov. 3 and posted on online Thursday. “Maybe we want to make it just a little more difficult. And I think that’s a great idea.”

Hyde-Smith, who was appointed to the Senate in April following the retirement of Thad Cochran, faces Democrat Mike Espy in a Nov. 27 runoff election. The Trump-backed Republican also came under fire last weekend for apparent racist remarks, joking with a crowd about attending a public hanging.

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GOP strategist delivers last rites: ‘When Trump leaves, there will be no more Republican party’

Republican strategist Rick Tyler told MSNBC on Thursday that he doesn’t expect the Republican party to survive President Trump — and wonders what will replace it. The party, he told host Chris Jansing, was hemorrhaging affluent women, along with African American and Latino voters they’ve already lost. “That would be a generational realignment, and if that’s true the Republicans won’t be in charge for a very, very long time,” he said, adding that the party…

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Reports of Voter Intimidation at Polling Places in Texas

This sort of thing goes on in dictatorships. We are seeing the death of our democratic republic before our own eyes:

Tempers are flaring during early voting in Dallas County, Texas, and reports of voter intimidation are on the rise. The county’s nonpartisan election administrator said that the harassment — including name-calling and interrogating voters waiting in line — is the worst she’s seen in decades.

“I’ve been here for 30 years, and this harassment that’s going on, I haven’t ever seen the likes of this,” said Toni Pippins-Poole, the county’s election director. “I’ve seen some other things, props being used and whatnot, but nothing like this type of mentality or aggressiveness or demeaning type of actions.”

At the Lakeside Activity Center in Mesquite, Texas, election administrators received complaints of a partisan poll watcher looking over voter’s shoulders as they cast their ballots and questioning voters on their politics. The person was later escorted out by Mesquite Police Department officers on Monday after refusing to leave the premises, according to Pippins-Poole.

10,000 Missouri voters received Republican mailers with false voting information

Republicans are trying to steal elections with good ‘ole Jim Crow voter suppression and  like they do in Trump’s Russia. And Democrats are basically allowing it to happen:

Some 10,000 voters in Missouri received mailers with incorrect information about the dates for their absentee ballots were due. The source? The Missouri Republican Party.

Ray Bozarth, the party’s executive director, admitted that his party was responsible for the misleading information but insisted the incorrect date was caused not by malice or an effort at voter suppression.

It was, he said, simply “the result of a miscommunication between the party and its vendor, which he declined to name,” as the Kansas City Star reported.

“Bozarth also did not say how the miscommunication occurred,” the daily added.

Billionaire fascists are coming for your Social Security and Medicare

The billionaire fascists are coming for your Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. And they’re openly bragging about it.

Right after Trump’s election, back in December of 2016, Newt Gingrich openly bragged at the Heritage Foundation that the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress were going to “break out of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt model.” That “model,” of course, created what we today refer to as “the middle class.”

This week Mitch McConnell confirmed Gingrich’s prophecy, using the huge deficits created by Trump’s billionaire tax cuts as an excuse to destroy “entitlement” programs.

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Republicans Are Adopting the Proud Boys

Here we have the definitive proof that the Republican Party is fascist:

The Republican club’s role hosting the event highlights how the Proud Boys have managed to insinuate themselves with mainstream Republicans, even as they increasingly make the news for their violence. But the New York Republicans aren’t alone—the Proud Boys have already managed to make their way into other mainstream GOP campaign events and conservative media.

Representatives Mario Diaz-Balart and Devin Nunes have posed for pictures with Proud Boys on the campaign trail. Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson posed in a Fox green room with two Proud Boys and Republican operative Roger Stone earlier this year.