Democrats are the New Republican Party

The Democrats claim to be the party of working people and the poor. That’s far from the truth. They have in fact become what the Republicans used to be before they became neo-fascist.

Democrats squandered their opportunity to ‘change’ America in 2008 when they controlled the White House and both houses of Congress. They tried to keep by power by behaving like a lite version of the GOP. They pandered to Wall St. and big business. Obama broke his promise. As a result Republicans took over. In 2016, Democrats chose a corrupt and unpopular Hillary Clinton rather than choosing a viable candidate who represented significant change, Bernie Sanders. In 2020, voters are not satisfied with the list of potential candidates. They want real change.

Now establishment Democrats are attacking the progressive (99 percent) movement that threatens their political survival. Claire McCaskill is one of the few incumbents that lost her seat in the Senate. Now she is attacking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who represents the opposite of what she stood for in Congress.

Sadly all those wonderful people, like Ocasio, who are now members of the House have very little hope of overthrowing corporate dominated Democratic Party establishment. In fact, despite the progressive insurgency, 90+ percent of incumbents in the House were re-elected. Not exactly a revolution. This despite a Congressional job approval rating of 18 percent among voters.

The old Guard wants to Stifle the New Left

Ocasio-Cortez Shatters Obama’s Climate Strategy
Establishment Democrats already attacking Sanders before 2020 Campaign

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