Power to the People!

Join the fight to end Two-Party rule in America

Donald Trump is a natural result of a two-party system that monopolizes political power in America. We only have the illusion of choice. Democrats and Republicans only serve corporations and Wall St., whom are plundering the economy. Meanwhile we are at war at home and abroad. We must act now to save our republic before it’s too late.

Trump is unfit to be President

He is a traitorous, racist, obscene, misogynist con-man. Trump must be impeached. Demand your government act–now.

America, and the World, is ruled by the 1 Percent

We should be governed by the 99%. But are in fact ruled by powerful corporations and wealthy special interest groups that buy politicians. The proof of that can be found in the fact that corporations have been ruled by the Supreme Court to be people. And by ruling our country they are sucking up all the wealth while leaving only crumbs for the rest of us.

The economy is being run on behalf of the Wealthy few.

  • College students are skipping meals to pay for textbooks
  • The system is so corrupt that it is on the verge of economic collapse. The bubble on Wall St. is about to burst again. This time it will be worse than in 2007

The World also lives under thumb of the Globalists

  • Survey of 104 countries says 1.3 billion live in poverty

America is becoming a police state

Our rights are under attack by a government that is ignoring our Constitutional rights. Almost all Americans are under surveillance in the name of fighting terrorism. And like in any dictatorship, dissent is being squelched. Occupy Wall Street attempted to expose the truth about a system that favors the 1%. And they were brutalized for it. Whistleblowers are being thrown in jail at unprecedented levels. Their crime: telling the truth about a corrupt and repressive government.

President Eisenhower warned us about the military-industrial complex. And It’s still true today. It’s mostly about profit, not national security. The Iraq War was about oil. U.S. foreign policy has always been about protecting corporate interests, home and abroad.