Fox News: Shutdown is ‘chaos Trump likes’ because it keeps Mueller out of the news

Exactly right. Why did it take FOX News (of all people) to tell us the truth about what Trump is doing with the media:

But a Fox News host suggested that President Donald Trump is hardly eager to resolve the crisis, noting that focusing attention on the wall is beneficial to the administration.

“The shutdown is good for Trump. It keeps his base engaged. It keeps the news off of other things that are bad for him. When this is the story, Mueller is not the story,” Fox News politics editor Chris Stirewart said.

The shutdown “is the kind of chaos Trump likes” because it helps him control the news cycle, Stirewart added.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Shreds Sarah Huckabee Sanders Over Border Terror Claims

Best interview yet of Sanders. She was exposed as a liar:

“Let’s talk about the wall,” Wallace said. “The president talks about terrorists potentially coming across the border.”

He then showed a clip of Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen stating Friday that “over 3,000 special interest aliens” trying to enter the U.S. from the southern border had been stopped by Border Patrol agents.

“But special interest aliens are just people who have come from countries that have ever produced a terrorist, they’re not terrorists themselves,” Wallace said. He also cited State Department reports that found “no credible evidence of any terrorist coming across the border from Mexico.”

Trump Administration Now Has 4 Corporate Lobbyists Serving as Cabinet Secretaries

So much for draining the swamp:

With the departure of Defense Secretary James Mattis, industry lobbyists now make up four of President Trump’s cabinet secretaries.

The New York Times’ Eric Lipton reminded his followers Wednesday that secretaries for several of the most important agencies the executive branch of the federal government — like the Departments of Defense, Interior, and Health and Human Services — are lobbyists for the industries those agencies are ostensibly supposed to be regulating.

Ocasio-Cortez rips Democratic leadership over hesitancy on Green New Deal

No more business as usual. AOC is a true champion of the 99 percent:

Incoming Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., took aim at the Democratic Party on Monday over the newly-announced climate crisis committee — a body she and other progressives say lacks the teeth needed to avert planetary disaster.

In a Twitter thread, Ocasio-Cortez said that her proposal for a select committee on a Green New Deal — a key demand of the youth-led Sunrise Movement — contained “3 simple elements: 1. No fossil fuel money on climate cmte 2. Offer solutions for impacted communities 3. Draft sample #GreenNewDeal.”

Sen.-elect Mitt Romney says in Op-Ed Trump’s character falls short of presidential

Romney is the first Senate Republican to denounce Donald Trump. This is a big deal. He is paving the way for other Republicans to come out against the president:

Sen.-elect Mitt Romney wasted no time in the new year branding himself as a Senate maverick and a foe of President Donald Trump, saying in a blistering New Year’s Day essay that after nearly two years in the White House “the president has not risen to the mantle of the office.”

Romney, just two days from being sworn in as the junior Republican Senator from Utah, wrote in the Washington Post that Trump’s most glaring failure has been his inability to unite a “nation so divided, resentful and angry.”

19 states are raising their minimum wage Jan. 1. Progressives plan even more for 2020.

This is victory for the Fightfor$15 movement, not the politicians in Washington. But the ultimate goal is to get Congress and the president to give us a national living wage. We cannot trust the Democrats because they had a majority from 2009 to 2010 and could have given us an increase. They didn’t. In order for it to happen we will need a third party revolution in America. Let’s do it:

Nineteen states will raise their minimum wage on New Year’s Day, delivering relief to low-income workers and validating liberal efforts to bypass Congress and state legislatures and push for pro-working-class policies through ballot initiatives.

7-year-old girl killed after white man pulls alongside black family’s car and opens fire

Trump’s America strikes again:

Police in Texas are seeking a white man who pulled alongside a black family’s car and opened fire, fatally shooting a 7-year-old girl.

The family of five was leaving a Walmart parking lot Sunday morning in the Houston area when a man driving a red pickup truck pulled up to the side of their car and started shooting, reported KHOU-TV.

Of course there was no mention of this shooting on They only care about a killing of police officer by an “illegal alien.” As of this writing there are 2 references to the tragic murder of officer Singh on the main page.

High-ranking official admits no one will be at the wheel of the White House soon: ‘I don’t know who is going to be here’

It’s starting to get really lonely. Unfortunately for Trump he doesn’t have a dog to keep him company. He doesn’t like animals either:

Los Angeles Times reporter Eli Stokols revealed one high-ranking White House official is concerned President Donald Trump won’t have any staff left by the end of January.

During an MSNBC discussion, Stokols noted the president is closing out 2018 in a “much weaker position” than he began the year.

And apparently he won’t be missed while he is in the White House sulking all by himself:

The magazine spoke to one longtime member who said that Trump’s presence in the club can actually lead to more complications than anything. While the president is undoubtedly the biggest draw of the club and the party — with many members paying the $200,000 initiation fee and $14,000 annual dues simply to be near the president and have access to him — the member said it will be quieter and simpler without him there.

Retired General Stanley McChrystal: I think Trump is Immoral

The generals are increasingly calling out Trump. They realize he is a scoundrel and unpatriotic:

Retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal said Sunday that he believes President Trump is “immoral,” and that he would not join the administration if asked.

“It’s important for me to work for people who I think are basically honest, who tell the truth as best they know it,” McChrystal said on ABC’s “This Week.”

“I don’t think he tells the truth,” he added.

Farm bankruptcies soar to highest totals since 2001

And it can only get worse with the trade war that has devastated rural America:

According to numbers from the Iowa Farm Bureau, just five years ago in 2013, only four farms declared Chapter 12 bankruptcy. In 2017, the total number of Chapter 12 bankruptcies climbed to 18- the highest total since 2001. Now farmers across the state are left waiting for the market to bounce back, while surviving in the meantime.

“Just like every market does, we’re back on the downturn of prices,” said James Cornelius, a fifth-generation farmer from Bellevue.

Farmers may have tricks of the trade, but it is not a trade secret that it has become more of a financial struggle for agriculture in Iowa over the recent years.