Pete Buttigieg has Become the Candidate of the Corporate Democrats

As Joe Biden collapses in the polls there seems to be a movement towards Pete Buttigieg. The young Mayor from Indiana is now out fundraising the well known former Vice President. And we know that money is mother’s milk of politics. But in addition, Buttigieg is now in position to place high in the Iowa primary in February. History tells us that front runners rarely win.

To make sure Buttigieg has started to become more aggressive. In particular, he’s been attacking the progressive candidates Warren and Sanders and their plans. Just what Wall St. is looking for:

But as the campaign season has unfolded, charming Pete has all but disappeared, replaced by a more combative, defiant Pete, whose new modus operandi is scoring points by attacking the Democratic Party’s progressive front-runners (and long shots) from the right, on everything from gun control to campaign finance to health care. His new demeanor was on display repeatedly during Tuesday’s debate, as he went toe to toe with Beto O’Rourke over gun control, and denigrated the Sanders and Warren vision for Medicare for All.

‘It was too stupid’: NBC reporter explains how Russians trying to spread fake Mueller docs flubbed things badly

‘It was too stupid’: NBC reporter explains how Russians trying to spread fake Mueller docs flubbed things badly

Canadian Cartoonist Fired After His Trump Cartoon Goes Viral

I’ve used ‘fired’ in the headline, but more accurately de Adder had his contract terminated with the Brunswick News, a privately-held publishing company that operates in New Brunswick, Canada. The sole owner, James K. Irving is one of the wealthiest people in Canada and he and his family have a vast array of interests and holdings, many of them dependent on access to the United States. So, when their little newspapers published a political cartoon that went viral completely excoriating the vile and hateful border practices of Trump something had to give.

Source: Daily Cartoonist

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Trump says what happens in Putin meeting is ‘none of your business’

Isn’t that what you would expect to hear from a traitor?

Ahead of a planned meeting with Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Japan, President Donald Trump on Wednesday said what he talks about with the Russian president is “none of your business.”

That kind of dismissal has fueled concerns about their previous meetings, some of which are under investigation by Congressover reports that Trump destroyed translators’ notes afterwards or met without any U.S. officials present. The reported destruction of notes is also the subject of lawsuits that allege the Trump administration has violated federal laws about records

And if that is not enough evidence just look at the decision by Trump to not attack Iran at the last moment:

Vladimir Putin on Thursday warned President Trump not to use military force against Iran despite the Islamic Republic’s recent provocations — in comments apparently made before the US charged that Iran had shot down a military drone with a surface-to-air missile.

During a marathon, four-hour call-in show, Putin warned the US that an attack on Iran would have enormous consequences, adding it would trigger an escalation of hostilities across the region.

“It would be a catastrophe for the region as a minimum,” said the Russian strongman, an ally of the Iranian regime.

Trump isn’t matching Obama deportation numbers

Obama put kids in cages and was called the ‘deporter-in-chief.’ But the press and Democrats won’t discuss this. His treatment of refugees at the border was not as bad as Trump. But it was still bad:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has deported more immigrants this fiscal year than any full fiscal year of Donald Trump’s presidency, but it has yet to reach Barack Obama’s early deportation levels, according to new internal Department of Homeland Security figures obtained by Axios.

Why it matters: With four months left in the fiscal year, it puts Trump’s deportations in perspective and shows the reality behind the anti-immigrant pledges that have come to define his presidency.

By the numbers: Under the Obama administration, total ICE deportations were above 385,000 each year in fiscal years 2009-2011, and hit a high of 409,849 in fiscal 2012. The numbers dropped to below 250,000 in fiscal years 2015 and 2016.

Everett Palmer, an Army vet, Died in Police Custody and some Organs are Missing

Law enforcement has become lawless. And the politicians are silent. Maybe they want it that way. We live in a police state. Democracy has died:

Two days before he died, Everett Palmer Jr. called his brother, Dwayne, to tell him he was on his way from Delaware to New York to visit him and their sick mother. But first, he said, he wanted to resolve an outstanding DUI warrant from an incident in 2016 in Pennsylvania to make sure his license was valid for the drive to see his family.

The phone call was the last time the family would hear from the 41-year-old US Army veteran and father of two.

On April 9, 2018, two days later, the family was told that Palmer had died in police custody at the York County Prison. Fourteen months later, the Palmers say they still don’t know what really happened. But they are suspicious because when Palmer’s body was returned to them, his throat, heart and brain were missing.

“This entire case smacks of a cover-up,” civil rights attorney Lee Merritt told CNN by phone.

Trump Administration Refuses to Comply with Court Order

The Trump mafia is in full coverup mode:

The Justice Department on Friday released a more complete transcript of a voice mail from Donald Trump’s attorney John Dowd to Rob Kelner, the lawyer for Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn, where he sought information about Flynn’s discussions with the special counsel on the eve of his cooperation deal.

However, the Justice Department refused to turn over transcripts of Flynn’s calls with Russian officials, including then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, even though a federal judge had ordered prosecutors to file those publicly as well on Friday.

We have a direct challenge to the rule of law. Will the Democrats cave?

The Justice Department refused on Friday to cooperate with a judge’s demand that it publicly release transcripts of recorded conversations between Michael Flynn and Russia’s ambassador to the United States in December 2016.

The refusal was a response to U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan, who ordered earlier this month that the Justice Department release several materials related to the case against Flynn, who was President Donald Trump’s campaign adviser and his national security adviser until being ousted for lying about his contacts with the Russians.

The man who predicted Trump’s victory says Democrats may have to impeach him to have a chance in 2020

This is why we can’t wait until the 2020 presidential election. A weak and uninspiring Democrat, like Biden, could make it too easy for Trump to win re-election. And the party’s establishment seems intent on making that mistake again. Just like in 2016:

…Lichtman, a professor at American University in Washington, DC, was the most prominent voice predicting Donald Trump’s victory in the run-up to the 2016 election. When Trump won, it marked the 9th(!) straight presidential election where Lichtman had correctly predicted the Electoral College winner. (That’s all the way back to 1984, for you math wizards.)

“Democrats are fundamentally wrong about the politics of impeachment and their prospects for victory in 2020. An impeachment and subsequent trial would cost the president a crucial fourth key — the scandal key — just as it cost Democrats that key in 2000. The indictment and trial would also expose him to dropping another key by encouraging a serious challenge to his re-nomination. Other potential negative keys include the emergence of a charismatic Democratic challenger, a significant third-party challenge, a foreign policy disaster, or an election-year recession. Without impeachment, however, Democratic prospects are grim.