The Right-Wing is the Greatest Threat to America

Since 9/11 there have been more terror attacks on America than from Jihadists. Donald Trump is only the latest and well known. There are others who will take his place if and when he leaves office.

  • Over the past decade, attackers motivated by right-wing political ideologies have committed dozens of shootings, bombings and other acts of violence, far more than any other category of domestic extremist,” according to a Washington Post analysis of data on global terrorism.

Many mass shooters and terrorists are right-wingers

  • The Tallahassee Yoga Shooter Was A Far-Right Misogynist Who Railed Against Women And Minorities Online
  • On October 14, 2016, the FBI arrested three men — Patrick Eugene Stein, Curtis Allen, and Gavin Wright — for plotting a series of bomb attacks against the Somali-American community of Garden City, Kansas. Calling themselves “the Crusaders,” they had planned to launch, on the day after the November 2016 presidential election, what The Guardian said “could have been the deadliest domestic terror attack since the Oklahoma bombing in 1995.”
  • In March 2018, three alleged members of a far-right militia — Michael Hari, Michael McWhorter, and Joe Morris — were charged in connection with the August 5, 2017, bombing of the Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington, Minnesota. McWhorter is alleged to have told an FBI agentthat the attack was an attempt “to scare” Muslims “out of the country.”