We Need a Third Party

The two-party duopoly has failed the American people. It’s time we created a third party movement that will represent We The People.

The Democrats and Republicans have failed us

  • Many of the lawmakers walking the gilded halls of Congress are, financially, far better off than the constituents they represent. Millionaires comprise nearly 40 percent of Congress, compared to being just 4 percent of the U.S. population.”

Two Parties, No Choice:

The System is Rigged:

The Democrats Rigged the DNC vote by smearing Keith Ellison.

  • Former Dem operative and commentator Bob Beckels: “[Keith] Ellison Is A Muslim And That’s Going To Be A Problem”
  • The current DNC head, Tom Perez, had already been part of a smear campaign against Bernie Sanders.

The Laws are Written by the Corporations

  • ALEC: The Organization That Allows Corporations To Write Legislation

Americans are tired of the failed two-party system

Democrats are Republican-lite


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