Join the Revolution!

It’s time for real political change in America. Let’s end the two-party dictatorship now.

Donald Trump becoming president is the natural result of a corrupt two-party system that serves only the 1 percent rather than We The People (the 99 percent).

Democrats and Republicans monopolize power. The result of 90 percent of incumbents getting re-elected. That means those in power remain there essentially for life. So they don’t care about you or I. We only have the illusion of choice.

Americans are having trouble making ends meet. We live in a society were gun violence by criminals, and police, are terrorizing our communities. Drug abuse and other health problems are worsened by a healthcare system that fails our people, unlike other advanced countries. We are also endangered by a planet in where climate change and wars are killing us.

Most of our problems can be traced to an economic order that puts greed over the welfare of human beings. Our own political system has been hijacked by politicians that have been bought-off by great wealth.

These evils can only be remedied through a third-party movement. There are already those who are leading the fight. But we need many more of us to bring about these necessary changes.