Iowa Racist Attack: Why isn’t it being Condemned as Terrorism

This might be a rhetorical question. But I think we all know why? Only Muslims commit terrorism. If you are white and attack people of color that’s just a hate crime.

Sadly this story will be forgotten within a few days. And the terror attacks will continue. And the worthless politicians running in Iowa (ironically) haved remained about this incident. They should be denouncing racist terrorism that has exploded under Donald Trump.

Then there is law enforcement. They need to start taking domestic racist/Hate terrorism more seriously. And not only when it’s done by people of color:

We know that domestic terrorism has always been an afterthought when it comes to addressing these issues. It’s always been underutilized, under-resourced.

You have less FBI agents, less analysts that are looking at this issue. At the same time, you have got 1,000 active investigations when it comes to ISIS and 1,000 active investigations when it comes to domestic terrorism.

I think it’s time to take a hard look at where we’re putting our resources.

But let’s keep talking about ‘Islamic terrorism’:

From January 2008 to the end of 2016, we identified 63 cases of Islamist domestic terrorism, meaning incidents motivated by a theocratic political ideology espoused by such groups as the Islamic State. The vast majority of these (76 percent) were foiled plots, meaning no attack took place.

During the same period, we found that right-wing extremists were behind nearly twice as many incidents: 115. Just over a third of these incidents (35 percent) were foiled plots. The majority were acts of terrorist violence that involved deaths, injuries or damaged property.

Right-wing extremist terrorism was more often deadly: Nearly a third of incidents involved fatalities, for a total of 79 deaths, while 13 percent of Islamist cases caused fatalities. (The total number of deaths associated with Islamist incidents was higher, however, reaching 90.)

The Nation, August 2017

“‘We Are Being Eaten From Within.’ Why America Is Losing the Battle Against White Nationalist Terrorism” :

But long before that young man drove to El Paso, Texas, on Aug. 3 and allegedly murdered at least 22 people at a Walmart crammed with back-to-school shoppers, it was clear that white nationalists have become the face of terrorism in America. Since 9/11, white supremacists and other far-right extremists have been responsible for almost three times as many attacks on U.S. soil as Islamic terrorists, the government reported. From 2009 through 2018, the far right has been responsible for 73% of domestic extremist-related fatalities, according to a 2019 study by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). And the toll is growing. More people–49–were murdered by far-right extremists in the U.S. last year than in any other year since the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. FBI Director Christopher Wray told Congress in July that a majority of the bureau’s domestic-terrorism investigations since October were linked to white supremacy.

And the politicians just fiddle their thumbs:

Yet the nation’s leaders have failed to meet this menace. In more than a dozen interviews with TIME, current and former federal law-enforcement and national-security officials described a sense of bewilderment and frustration as they watched warnings go ignored and the white-supremacist terror threat grow. Over the past decade, multiple attempts to refocus federal resources on the issue have been thwarted. Entire offices meant to coordinate an interagency response to right-wing extremism were funded, staffed and then defunded in the face of legal, constitutional and political concerns.


One thought on “Iowa Racist Attack: Why isn’t it being Condemned as Terrorism

  1. This appeared in ‘The Intercept’: “An Intercept analysis of federal prosecutions since 9/11 found that the Justice Department has routinely declined to bring terrorism charges against right-wing extremists, even when their alleged crimes appear to have met the legal definition of domestic terrorism”


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